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Real Cool Cats - Various

Référence: ETCD1010

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Real Cool Cats

Texas Rockabilly 1955

CD 35 tracks - El Toro Records

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Country: Spain

Date: 2006

Label: El Toro Records - ETCD 1010

Artists: Various

Titles: Real Cool Cats

Style: Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly



01. Sonny Fisher: I Can’t Lose    
02. Johnny Carroll: You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often    
03. Bob Luman: That’s All Right    
04. Jimmy Heap: Sebbin’ Come Elebbin    
05. Dean Beard: Sing, Sing, Sing    
06. Link Davis: Grasshopper    
07. Johnny Carroll: Hearts Of Stone    
08. Sid King & The Five Strings: Sag, Drag & Fall    
09. Sonny Fisher: Rockin’ Daddy    
10. Mac Curtis: What’ll I Do    
11. Johnny Carroll: Sexy Ways    
12. Bob Luman: You Were The Cause Of It All    
13. Sonny Fisher: Rockin’ & A-Rollin’    
14. Charlie Brown: Have You Heard The Gossip    
15. Ben Hall: Move Mama    
16. Dean Beard: Time Is Hangin’ Heavy On My Hands    
17. Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker: Love Me    
18. Bob Luman: Hello Baby    
19. Sonny Fisher: Hold Me Baby    
20. Frank Starr: Dig Them Squeaky Shoes    
21. Johnny Carroll: Stingy Thing    
22. Sid King & The Five Strings: Purr, Kitty, Purr    
23. Bob Luman: Stranger Than Fiction    
24. Sonny Fisher: Sneaky Pete    
25. Johnny Carroll: Cut Out    
26. Charlie Brown: Don’t Put The Blame On Me    
27. Sonny Fisher: Hey Mama    
28. Jimmy Heap: Go Ahead On    
29. Johnny Carroll: Why Cry    
30. Frank Starr: Dirty Bird Song    
31. Johnny Carroll: Crazy Little Mama    
32. Bob Luman: In The Deep Dark Jungle    
33. Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker: Love Me (Alt. Take)    
34. Sonny Fisher: Rockin’ Daddy (Alt. Take)    
35. Sonny Burns: A Real Cool Cat           

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