Red Rombo

Red Rombo

Référence: SRLP21

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Red Rombo

Push and Play

Vinyl LP 12" 33rpm - Sleazy Records

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Country: Spain

Year: 2017

Label: Sleazy Records

Ref.: SRLP21

Format: Vinyl LP 12" 33rpm

Artist: Red Rombo

Title: Push and Play

Style: Female Rock'n'Roll, revival 


A1 - Are You Real?
A2 - Fallin' Queen
A3 - Carefully
A4 - Push And Play
A5 - More True Than Your Voice

B1 - No Money
B2 - Going Through These Days
B3 - My Teardrops
B4 - Bad Taste
B5 - Todo Me Marea Menos Vos


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