Bo Diddley – Down Home Special & Various

Bo Diddley – Down Home Special - Various

Référence: KMCD155

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Bo Diddley – Down Home Special 

Songwriter series - Various

CD 28 tracks - Koko Mojo Records


Country: Europe

Date: 2022

Label: Koko Mojo Records

Ref.: KM-CD-155

Format: CD,compilation 28 tracks

Artist: Bo Diddley & Various – Down Home Special

Tittle: Koko Mojo Songwriter Series

Style: 50's Rock & Roll, Jump Blues, Rhythm & Blues


01. Bo Diddley/ Bo Diddley
02. Bo Diddley/ Pretty Thing
03. Bo Diddley/ Who Do You Love?
04. Bo Diddley And His Band–    Down Home Special
05. Bo Diddley/ Mona
06. Bo Diddley/ Dearest Darling
07. Bo Diddley/ You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care)
08. Bo Diddley/ Run Diddley Daddy
09. Bo Diddley/ I Love You So
10. Bo Diddley/ Dancing Girl
11. Bo Diddley/ Story Of Bo Diddley
12. Bo Diddley/ Deed And Deed I Do
13. Bo Diddley/ Bo Diddley Is Loose
14. Bo Diddley/ You All Green
15. Little Walter And His Jukes/ Roller Coaster
16. The Schoolboys/ Pearl
17. The Marquees/ Wyatt Earp
18. The Marquees/ Hey Little School Girl
19. Billy Stewart/ Baby, You're My Only Love
20. Billy Stewart/ Billy's Heartache
21. Mickey And Sylvia/ Dearest
22. Don Stacey/ Say Man
23. The Johnny Otis Show/ The New Bo Diddley
24. J.M. Van Eaton And The Untouchables/ Bo Diddley
25. Bill Black's Combo/ Hey Bo Diddley
26. Johnny Kidd And The Pirates/ I Can Tell
27. Dale And Grace/ Love Is Strange   
28. Freddy Koenig With The Jades/ Road Runner


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