Jackie Lee Cochran
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Jackie Lee Cochran

Reference: LP 2001

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Jackie Lee Cochran

" The Cat"

Vinyl LP 10" 25 cm - Multigroove


Date: January 2019

Label: Multigroove

Ref.: LP 2001

Format: Vinyl LP 10"

Artist: Jackie Lee Cochran

Title: Hip Shaking Mama

Style: Rock'n'Roll - Rockabilly


Side A

A1. Ruby Pearl
A2. Mama don’t you think I know
A3. Hip shaking mama
A4. Riverside jump
A5. I wanna see you
A6. Pity me

Side B

B1. Georgia Lee Brown
B2. Do Baby do
B3. Don’t be long
B4. I want you
B5. Buy a car
B6. Dear mom & dad


LP 2001

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