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Jake Calypso

Jake Calypso

One Take Jake! 2009 - 2019 Best Of!

CD Digipack - Rock Paradise Records

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Country: France

Date: Decembre 2018

Label: Rock Paradise Records

Ref.: RPCD 49

Format: CD

Artist: Jake Calypso

Title: One Take Jake!

Style: Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly revival


01. My Baby Rocks!
02. Flaming Star
03. Call Me Baby
04. Vance Mississipi
05. My Happiness (Unissued)
06. Downtown Memphis
07. Indian Boppin'
08. Lovin' Heart
09. Cassie Magikal
10. I Was A Fool About You
11. I'm Fed Up
12. Plans Of Love
13. Rock'n'Roll Train
14. When The Pretty Girl Bop
15 John Wood Choppin (Home Recording)
16. Cause You're My Baby
17. C'est ça qu'est bon!
18. Turn Me Loose
19. Rock'n'Roll Girl
20. Born & Die (Talking version)
21. Saturday Night To Tease (Rough Mix)
22. Save Your Soul (Unissued)
23. Baby Tat You Fall
24. I'll Remember You
25. Cotton Field Day (Unissued)